Get the lawn you always wanted

One of the final jobs in many of our landscape projects is establishing a lawn. Turfing is a great option for a quick, yet functional and attractive finish to a garden.

Most gardeners appreciate that proper preparation needs to be carried out when you are turfing a lawn. This includes ground work preparation, garden drainage and levelling, giving the perfect surface for the turf to be laid and helping it look beautiful for years to come.

Reasons for a new lawn

New lawn turf is often required when an existing lawn has become overly damaged, or when a new landscaped area needs to be expanded.

Re-laying of turf is often the best option when an existing lawn is in very poor condition. Grass can thin out and look tired due to a number of factors - pet damage, too many weeds, overgrowth of moss, lack of watering in the hot, dry summer months or disease. If you've tried lawn treatments and feeds but nothing has helped the lawn recover, then get in contact with us for advice on the best course of action.

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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Laying CompanyArtificial grass used to be easy to identify due to its 'fake' appearance, however modern artificial grass now looks as good, or better, than 'real' grass.

We can install a wide range of artificial grass to suit the appearance you are trying to achieve. it is hard-wearing, low maintenance and will last a long time.

Our artificial grass looks and feels like natural grass, except you no longer have to mow it, feed it, water it or clean off your shoes after walking on it. It’s also pet friendly so is ideal for any outdoor space.

We are independent suppliers and installers so we can source the best quality and value artificial grass to suit your budget.

Lawn repair service

Often there's just a small patch of grass that looks bad and needs replacing. We can supply new turf that matches the grass type of existing lawn, then simply cut out and replace the worn-out section.

Our knowledgeable team will also offer advice on the best approach to maintaining the entire lawn, ensuring it looks good for years to come.

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