What is imprinted concrete?

Patterned imprinted concrete is a great choice for a new driveway. It is an alternative to block paving, tarmac or resin, with all the appearance benefits, plus increased durability. The patterned concrete technique allows us to create the appearance of paving stones, but in a solid single layer.

How does it work?

To create the surface, a wooden frame is constructed to contain the final shape and concrete is laid to fill the specified area. Before the concrete has fully set a stencil tool is pressed into the upper surface to create a repeating pattern in a stone, paved or other design. We also use a separate shaped stencil to add edging patterns, to really finish off the look.

Once the concrete has been left to fully cure, the final driveway, path or patio surface is ready to use and will last for many years.

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Why choose patterned concrete for a driveway?

Patterned concrete driveways give customers the option of a huge range of textures patterns and finishes, so your new driveway, path or patio is guaranteed to fit in with the appearance of your property. Concrete is highly versatile as a general-use surface, as it is able to fit nearly any shape or outline. The patterns chosen might also be technically difficult or even impossible to create using traditional paving methods.

Concrete depth recommendations

On a regular home driveway we recommend a minimum depth of 4-5 inches (100-125mm), with any heavy traffic areas having the option of a thicker layer. Patios or pathways don't need to take the weight of vehicles, so these can often be reduced to a depth of 3-4 inches (75-100mm), saving you money on materials.

We also offer you the option of a concrete stain or sealer, to greatly improve the wear characteristics of the surface. This makes the imprinted concrete less likely to crack or stain, with the added bonus of a lustrous finish.

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